September 29, 2020

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Tiktok FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

These are the frequently asked questions by many of the Tiktok users. If your question is not listed here, please use the comment box to post it. We will add them here and that will be beneficial to other Tiktok users.

  1. How to get the maximum number of fans or followers for my page?
    A. You need to interact with every other users for that. Post appreciating comments on others’ videos. Follow other users in a daily basis but don’t over do that because you may get temporary ban. Also use hashtags like #followback, #follow2follow etc to get more fans. The easiest way is to use our fans-generator that will generate millions of fans for your page. You can access it in this link.
  2. Is there any minimum number of fans or likes to have fame on Tiktok?
    A. No, never. There is no minimum number. It’s all depends on how you perform in the app. Fame will follow you if you post stunning videos. Try to make unique videos that are different from others. Give your fans another level of experience with your skills. You’ll get the fame eventually. Keep in mind that everything starts from zero!
  3. How to get 1 million fans?
    You need to work really hard consistently to achieve that magic number. But, it’s not hard, to be frank. As you can see, there are many users achieved this goal in a matter of months. Therefore, it’s possible for anyone who perform well. So, your videos should have exceptional quality that makes other users to share your videos. More shares will bring more attention to your page and hence more fans. You can also use our fans generator if you want 1 million fans super-quick.
  4. How do I go live on Tiktok?
    You need to have a minimum of 1000 fans for that. But that’s not the only condition to get Live Stream access. Tiktok has clearly mentioned that only users who post great content will have the live access. You need to keep posting the content and you’ll get the access eventually to go live. But you can use our Tiktok Live Hack to immediately assign live access to your account. It’s free and you don’t need to have 1000 fans to get this worked.
  5. How do I know if my video gets featured in the “For You” page?
    You’ll receive a notification in your inbox where you see all the notifications about your activities. Inbox is between the video icon and the profile icon. The notification will indicate that your video has been featured and you can see that by clicking on that. A featured video will get thousands of views, likes and comments. It’s a way of appreciation from the Tiktok team.
  6. Can I still become famous on Tikok if I’m not attractive?
    A. Yes, you can, of course! You might find the answer for yourself if you look at others who are already trending there. Many of them are not attractive and some of them are ugly too. Physical appearance doesn’t matter on Tiktok. All that matters is your performance. You can get immense fame if you out-perform others with your skills and way of making videos. Just go through our various hacks and use them one by one. They might help you to kick-start your Tiktok journey.
  7. How many fans needed to get Live Stream access?
    A. You need to have at least 1000 fans. Please read the question #4 for more details.
  8. How many fans do I need to get the ‘Popular Creator’ badge?
    A. There is no fixed number to get any badges, be it Popular Creator or Verified Account badge. However, it is seen that usually the user should have at least 50K followers on their page. That said, I have also seen that users with just 1000 fans has received the badge. They might have used any hacks such as our badge hack that assigns free badges to any user irrespective of the number of fans.
  9. Why my fans are going down?
    A. Sometimes, you may identify that the number of followers on your account is going down slowly. This is because Tiktok is removing unwanted spam pages that use bots to follow other users. Most of the pages on Tiktok will have followers from such spam profiles and they will be removed eventually. That should be the main reason. This may also happen if you don’t support other users by giving likes and comments on their videos. If they think that you are a dummy profile, they might unfollow you. Ego and attitude problems are the last but not the least reason for reduction in the followers.
  10. I’m getting good number of views but only few likes. What could be the reason?
    A. That’s indeed great if you are getting good views because it means that you are getting good reach. Post attractive videos recorded with a good camera. Videos should be engaging and then things would change for sure.
  11. How do I earn money on Tiktok?
    A. You can use our coins hack to generate as many as coins you want. This is the only way to earn money on Tiktok. Each coin has a value and you can use this to buy gifts and you can gift them to other users on Tiktok. The coin-generator is one of the popular hacks on our website and many users do generate thousands of coins everyday.

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