September 29, 2020

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Go Live on Tiktok

How I Enabled Live Option to Go Live on Tiktok

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If you don’t know, you need to have at least 1000 fans to start going live on Tiktok. But even though if you somehow achieved this number of fans, there is no guarantee that you will get the Live Stream access. There is no set of rules on Tiktok to enable the live option. If you contact  the support team, you may get a response saying that you need to have good quality content. I was fed up seeing this reply from them because I truly needed this feature, and therefore, I didn’t quit. I searched over the internet to know how do I go live on Tiktok and I got an interesting website. To be honest, I spent around 1 hour, tried my best and got a hack to go live on Tiktok and it was a success in the ever first attempt! Now, I will teach you how I did it.How to go live on Tiktok


At first, I thought I will get the Live option at the next moment of having 1000 fans on my page. I worked hard day and night to achieve that goal. To be frank, I followed hundreds of people daily. I posted many short videos with hashtags like #followback, #follow4follow etc. And I also posted my profile on my school and college groups, and finally I achieved this target in around 5 days. But then I realized that the game was not over. I didn’t see the Go Live button on my Tiktok account to go live.

I even re-installed Tiktok to see if that works but it didn’t and then I finally contacted the support team and I got a reply from the after waiting for two days. They mentioned in the reply that I also need to post good quality content on my page and then they will eventually enable the Live Stream option on my account start going live. Aha!

I felt like pissed off. But I was not ready to quit. After searching over the internet, I was able to get a hack to enable the Live Stream option on my Tiktok account. It was a complete success, even I had never expected it to work but it did. I went live and my friends were like “Hey, man! How did you get it? How did you go live? Teach me!!”. Haha, it was fun in the comments but I’m ready to teach you all. There’s nothing to teach actually. I have set everything up for you in this website. You just have to put your username and run the hack, and ta-da!


It’s very simple. Please click the button on top of this page and follow the instructions. You’ll see the ‘Go Live’ button once you have finished the hack.

Please note that you have to disable all your ad blockers on your mobile before running this hack. I have observed that people with ad-block enabled, have found issues. Please never use ad blockers for any types of hacks because these browsers will consider these programs as advertisements and will block them. You may not be able to complete the verification at the end also. So, beware of that.

You can go live even if you don’t have a single fan on your account using this Live hack. The advantage of going live is that, you can interact with all of your fans in a single video. Your fans will get notification once the live streaming has started. They can give you hearts and comments while you are live. It’s an essential feature that every social media should have. I don’t know why Tiktok is not giving the access for all the members. Even Facebook is giving this for every users. Anyway, you can use this method to enable the live option on your Tikok account. And please let me know if you have any issues with the process.

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5 thoughts on “How I Enabled Live Option to Go Live on Tiktok

  1. hi I was given my live option weeks ago I’ve never used this site is here for answers but I was given my live option and I have gone live before I’ve never got a violation never got in trouble nothing I wake up on Christmas eve and my live option is gone like really gone with no notice I’ve submitted a report they never responded back at all I’m kinda upset till this day I cant go live what can I do please help.

  2. i have crossed 2000 followers. But i have not recieved live option .Plese my problem solve tiktok.
    Thank you Tiktok

  3. Please give me live option on tik tok. 🙏🏻
    My fans would love to see me go live.
    My ID name is @dishajaan143.
    Thank You.

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