September 29, 2020

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Make money on Tiktok

How I Made Money $1000 From Tiktok & How You Too Can!

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Tiktok is  a platform to have fun and is also a place to show your talent. But, will you agree with me if I say you can also make money on Tiktok? Well, I’ll tell you how I made $100 per day since the last 10 days by simply using my Tiktok account. Many active users actually do make money from Tiktok. But, they use different approaches for that. Before I explain about the hack, let me tell you what are the alternative ways that you can use to earn money by being Tiktok famous.

Different Ways to Make Money on Tiktok

I must say that you should keep an active Instagram account and you should link it with your Tiktok profile. This is the first step you have to do to start making money on Tiktok. This is because, Tiktok doesn’t have an option to put links but Instagram does. Therefore, directing your visitors to Instagram is the way to go. Now, let’s see how you can make a living with Tiktok by thinking out of the box.

Brand Promotions

Currently, Tiktok has the highest engagement from the younger audience. It has beaten Instagram by becoming the most downloaded app on Play Store. With this level of interest from audience in the age group of 15-30, many reputed brands are eyeing to make use of it. If you hold a page with more than 1 million fans, you are actually holding a good space where you can convert your fame into money! I have seen mobile phone companies like OnePlus is approaching Tiktok celebrities to promote their products. You can bargain with them to earn some good amount of pocket money.

Companies do value Tiktok users and their reach because users with millions of fan-following can fetch a good number of leads to them. They can get a higher conversion rate because the traffic they are getting is highly targeted. Mobiles, tablets, computers and other gadgets are very easy to sell on Tiktok. Be part of it and fill your wallets.

Promote Amazon products using your affiliate link

Register for Amazon Affiliate Program if you already haven’t yet. It can turn into a money making machine if you use it properly. There are a lot of unique and trendy products on Amazon. Dig them well and pick few of them. You can pick them based on your audience, so that it will convert well. Shuffle the products and test them one by one. Keep the one that gives good leads. I will suggest the website ThisIsWhyImBroke to get interesting and unique products. They do update their website daily with awesome Amazon products.

For this, you need to link your Instagram first. Then add the affiliate link of the selected product in the bio of your Instagram account. Make sure you are not putting links on a fresh account because IG may delete your account for that. If your account is fresh, please wait for two weeks and then put the link. Be active on Insta before and after putting the link to look natural because Insta hates links especially affiliate links.

Now, add a small bio on your Tiktok profile about the product you’re promoting. Ask them to click on the Instagram icon to buy the item from Amazon. If your bio is good enough to create a curiosity, people will click on it and eventually you’ll start making sales. Obviously, you can also promote products from websites other than Amazon if you feel they will convert more. Test it and see.

Promote other Instagram pages

This is a simple method. You may get proposals from various Instagram users to promote their pages. You can ask them money to link their Instagram page on your Tiktok profile. Doing this will give some traffic to their Instagram pages and they might be happy for that. You should avoid pages with nudity, pages promoting illegal stuff and other negative promotions. They may even cause a permanent ban of your Tiktok account. So, always think twice before linking any page.

Make advertising videos to promote products

You might have seen some videos in which the user promotes various products. At least you should have seen unboxing videos of several gadgets. Even though the title says just unboxing, the user might be doing paid promotions to increase the sales of that product in the market. Tiktok user gets paid for doing such promotional reviews and they will say only the pros of that product. You also can adapt this method because it works well with younger audience. Going live will also do good to get quick engagement of your fans.

These are some of the main method to make some serious money on Tiktok and these are not limited. Now, let’s talk about an interesting matter. Nothing but making huge money from Tiktok in a secret way that many haven’t found out yet!

Easy way to earn huge money from Tiktok

Make money on Tiktok

We have developed a tool that will convert Tiktok coins into real money. Yes, this tool will generate unlimited coins to your account and then it will convert into cash that you can withdraw to your Paypal, Bitcoin or directly to your bank account via wire transfer. This is still in beta stage but is in the perfect working condition. We need more people like you to test this and report the bugs if you come through any. You can post the issues in the comment section below, so that we can fix them to improve the tool.

Click on the above button to start the process. Input your username and wait for it to generate the coins. Please note that you can withdraw only $100 in a day in the beta stage. Therefore, I would suggest you to generate only 100 coins because 1 coin is equal to $1. After the verification at the end, the coins will be generated within a unique temporary account created for you. You will then be redirected to the withdrawal page and you can cash-out your coins safely there. Please note that Bitcoin form of payment is not available always.

Please do not share this method with any of your friends now because it’s still in beta mode. More number of usage at the same time will cause damage to the tool because our servers have only limited resources.

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