September 29, 2020

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Tiktok Popular Creator

How to Get the Tiktok Popular Creator Badge For Your Page


Popular Creator ButtonTiktok has introduced two main badges on its platform. One is the ‘Verified Account’ badge, and the other is Tiktok Popular Creator badge that I’m going to discuss here in this article. If you were a user (Tiktok was previously, you might know that we had a ‘Crown’ verification on that app to feature higher quality users. Many users including celebrities have received a small ‘Crown’ label on top of their avatar. It was a sign to indicate that, this user has contributed well in the community. Therefore, they were honored with a ‘Crown’ in the hall of fame.


Similarly, we have badges on Tiktok. One of the most important badges is Popular Creator badge that comes with a light blue tick. You might have seen this in the pages of many accounts. Do all of them have millions of followers? No. Though many of them have thousands at least, you can see that some of them have only few fans and still they have the badge! You might be wondering how they are getting this badge with such a small number of fans. I’m going to reveal the answer here for you.

Method to get Tiktok Popular Creator Badge is Revealed!

We have a simple hack to get the Popular Creator badge for your Tiktok page. In fact, many of the users have already utilized this hack and they all have a beautiful blue tick label on their page, below their profile avatar. The program had been restricted to public usage until all bugs were fixed because it was in its beta stage. We got immense response from the followers, when we later launched this on our social media page . Therefore, today, we are introducing to the overall public crowd in the internet! Click the button below to assign the badge to your page instantly.

By clicking this button, you will be redirected to the page where the Poplar Creator Hack has been installed. It’s a simple hack that anyone can operate and assign the badge for their page.


Tiktok Popular Creator Badge

And I’m sharing a screenshot from the famous ‘WikiHov’ website below. That website has a section of questions and answers. People will post their questions and its admins will reply. You can see that our website received a mention in the reply. This is getting viral!

Featured Badge Hack From Wikihov

How to complete the verification at the end properly

You may have to complete a verification at the end of the hack. Enabling this will block the unnecessary spam bots coming to the website. We were forced to enable this verification as they are capable of making damage to our servers. Not to worry, you can simply do it by installing a free app on your phone or by receiving an SMS on your number or by using any other available options. All of the apps we have listed are free apps and they are not at all harmful to your smartphone. We do test all of them before we list them.

If you decide to complete the verification by installing one app, you have to open it for more than 30 seconds. Nowadays, any bot can install the app but bots cannot use the app unlike real humans. Therefore, we added a rule that users have to install and use the app for 30 seconds. Then we can believe that it’s done by a real human!

Advantages of having a Popular Creator badge on Tiktok

Though there are no disadvantages for having a blue colored badge with ‘Popular Creator’ label, there are some advantages. This badge can be beneficial for the growth of your page. As the name indicating, a ‘Popular Creator’ badge is usually given to the contributors that upload popular content. It means that if you upload videos that may get great attention from the other users, you also are eligible for this badge and Tiktok will eventually add it to your page. You don’t need to do anything other than posting great content. Let me list out the key advantages of ‘Popular Creator’ badge below.

  1. Exposure to your videos – As I clearly explained above, the reach you’ll get for your videos would be higher, compared to the normal users. If we talk in terms of priority, normal users carry a priority of 0 while users with a ‘Popular Creator’ label do carry a priority of 1. And yes, the ‘Verified Account’ badge owners hold the highest in this category with a priority of 2. They carry the same weight of those people who had ‘Crown’ on previously.
  2. More followers and hence likes –  This is an obvious calculation. If you are a celebrity, people will be around you always. On Tiktok, people with such stickers are actually act like celebrities. You might have seen people requesting such popular users for follow-back their page. It’s because of the celebrity status they are carrying. Therefore, a badge’d user can easily get more followers and likes, compared to regular users.
  3. More visibility in search – If you are a new user with less fans, and you have a common name that many already have, it’s not easy to find your page while searching. But this is not the case with badge’d users. Since their priority is higher, they are visible on top of the search results and therefore it’s easy to find them.

That’s it. These are the main advantages of having a ‘Popular Creator’ badge on Tiktok.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Popular Creator Badge

1.Do I need millions of fans to get badged on Tikok?

A. No, never. That’s why we have developed this hack. We made this available for everyone regardless of what Tiktok rules are there.

2. Do I need to be attractive to become famous on Tiktok to have these badges?

A. No, again! It’s not about how you look or how you talk or sing. It’s all making good content. Not to worry if you are not good in making good content, this hack is specially for you!

3. How to feature my page with less than 100 followers?

A. The number of fans or followers or likes doesn’t matter here. They will matter only for getting featured by Tiktok itself. We are not getting the help of Tiktok here. We will change its server values to feature your page. You don’t need to impress anybody here!

4. I got the badge but the number of fans are not improving well. Why?

A. You should post more videos in the beginning to get the initial attention. You have to interact with other users also. Just comment on others’ videos, like them and also follow others. Use proper hashtags and you will be good to get some attention.

Do you have more questions that are not answered here? The comment section is open for you. Please shoot the questions!

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