September 29, 2020

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Tiktok For You

Tiktok For You Page Hack – Get Your Video Featured in the For You Page

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The ‘For You’ page of Tiktok is where the users get viral. This is the entry page of Tiktok where you will see trending videos that are interesting to watch. These featured videos will have hundreds of likes, views and comments, all are genuine. No need of shout-outs or paid promotions, you get viral with the help of Tiktok’s algorithm which is still an illusion! How this algorithm selects videos that are to be featured on the For You page? Any idea about that? Let’s find that out in this article. It’s all about that mysterious algorithm, and the Tiktok ‘For You’ page hack that schedules videos of all users.

Introduction to Tiktok’s ‘For You’ page

When you open the Tiktok app on your phone, instantly after an ad is played, a video will start playing. That’s the ‘For You’ page of Tiktok. You can click on the refresh button on the bottom to see another featured video from another user. Almost all of those videos must be interesting to watch. They should have elements that are attractive to the viewers and that’s exactly why Tiktok’s algorithm has selected them. This is one of the best methods to go viral on Tiktok because you’re getting hundreds of thousands of views by getting featured on this For You page. That’s the reason for why we developed a hack for the Tiktok ‘For You’ page.

Tiktok For You Page Hack to Get Video Featured

Advantages of getting featured in the ForYou page

Now, let’s look at the main advantages of getting featured in the ForYou page.

  1. Easy fame – Yes, this is one of the easiest ways in the life of a Tiktok user to get easy fame. You don’t have to bother about anything other than posting a great short video on your account. Rest is taken care by Tiktok itself. If your short video is performing well, its algorithm will start checking the metrics. And if the metrics are fulfilled, your video will be added to the queue of videos. When the video is visible in the For You page, thousands of organic views will start rolling into it and that will make you famous. People will start checking your page and you’ll receive many fans also.
  2. Exposure to your account – Since many views will come to your page, your other videos will also receive an exposure. Those videos will also get likes and comments. Therefore, you are getting the double advantage by getting featured in the For You page.
  3. Helps go viral – Going viral is one of the ambitions of every Tiktok users. Featuring in the For You page will help you achieve this goal because you might receive a lot of views on your page. That will result in more re-posts and that will fetch more likes and fans.

These are the main advantages. There are no disadvantages if your video is shown in the For You screen if you enjoy people getting interacted on your page.

How to get the video shown in the For You page

There are two methods for this. The first one is by achieving all the metrics required by the Tiktok algorithm to make your video featured. The second method is by using our hack which is fairly easy and quick. Let’s discuss both methods in detail below.

Method 2 – The easiest method by using our Tiktok ‘For You’ Page Hack

Obviously, everybody loves the easiest and quickest methods in any scenario. Therefore, let’s start with the same. It’s nothing but entering your video link in the box and make it featured. You can use this for any number of videos and in 99% times, this hack works like a charm. We have 99.99% success rate in this method. To do that, please follow the steps given below.

  1. Click here to go to the page where we have set up this hack.
  2. Paste the video link in the text box given in that page.
  3. Press the ‘Start Hack’ button below the text box.
  4. Complete the verification at the end.
  5. Done.

You have to wait up to an hour before you see the results on your page. That’s because your video will be in a queue of videos and its turn should come before it gets featured in the home screen or starting screen of Tiktok. People will see the first page of Tiktok when they open the app and they might see your video too. You can see a Youtube video as its proof below.

Method 1 – Normal method that tackles ‘For You’ page algorithm

There are various metrics on Tiktok app, and its algorithm works based on those metrics. Your video’s performance is evaluated based on these metrics. Let me teach you its basics first.

  • Video Retention Rate – This is the percentage of time the video is watched by the viewers. Higher the Retention Rate, higher the performance.
  • Initial Rate of Attention – This is how a user responds to a video when they first watch it. This is calculated by evaluating the first 5 seconds of the video. If the user continues to watch after the initial 5 seconds, your video’s performance is good and is noted by the algorithm.
  • Repeat Watch Rate – As the name indicates, if the video is watched repeatedly by the same user, the video is doing good in the terms of Tiktok’s rules.
  • Likes Rate – This is the percentage of likes the video is getting based on its number of views. For example, if the video gets 1000 views and the number of likes is 100, the Likes Rate is 10% which is just an average rate. The good rate lies between 25 to 40% which is easy to achieve for a stunning video.
  • Share Rate – This is same as the Likes Rate except the fact that this is calculated based on shares instead of likes. A good Share Rate will have a percentage of 5 to 10%.

How to achieve these metrics easily to pass Tiktok’s algorithm

  1. Post short videos of 15 seconds – It’s always recommended for a beginner to create only short videos. That’s because it’s easy to maintain the quality. If you create a long video of 60 seconds which is boring, your performance ratio will go down and will affect the overall performance of your page.
  2. Use a sound that is already popular or trending – There are many sounds that are already popular in the app. By using those sounds, your videos might get more attention and thus views.
  3. Add catchy captions – Age old method but still works. Use captions that will stumble the eyes of the users. Also add sentences like “Watch till the end!”, “See the climax!” etc to make the users watch the video fully. This will beat the algorithm and will help you increase the performance of your video.

Does using the hashtag #ForYou work in any case?

Never. This is a myth that using the #ForYou hashtag will make that video featured in the For You Page. That’s completely wrong and will not going to message the algorithm that “there is a video to be featured”! Most of the Tiktok users believe that this hashtag is what that makes all these featuring stuff and that’s why they still use this on their videos. Dear fellas, please stop it from now.


So, to conclude, the For You page of the Tiktok is nothing but the first screen you see when you open the app. Featuring your videos there is easy by using the Method 2 explained in this article. You can also try the Method 1 which might require more time and effort. Though there are shortcuts to anything, content with superb quality always wins. Therefore, your aim should be to create videos that are captivating as well as engaging in the community.

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