February 19, 2020
Tiktok Shadow Ban

Tiktok Shadow Ban – What is that and know how you can remove that

Remove Shadow Ban!

A Tiktok Shadow Ban is nothing but a temporary ban on your account without restricting your content uploading privileges. There is no information from Tiktok to know until when this ban will last or when it would be removed from a user’s account. It’s an automatic process done by Tiktok’s algorithm to protect against spam, copyright issues and nudity. Your videos will not show in the For You page and also in the search results that end up in very less views on your videos.

Tiktok Shadow Ban

How do you know if you’re Shadow Banned

If you’re Shadow Banned on Tiktok, you still have the rights to post videos, to react on others’ videos or whatever you were able to do before on the app. But, you’re just a shadow and only very few people can see your videos in the app. Tiktok will not notify the user when it Shadow Bans them and therefore, the way to know if you’re banned or not is watching the stats of your new videos closely. If you were getting good number of views previously and suddenly you see no or negligible views on your newly posted videos, know that you’re Shadow Banned.

Your followers can still see your videos but it depends on the type of ban you have received. For example, if you got a ban because of nudity, then only users with age of 18+ can see your posts. Tiktok made things very strict after the ban in India recently that had been lifted later.

How to remove the Shadow Ban

Though there’s no official statement about lifting or removing the Shadow Ban on Tiktok, what I can suggest you is remove the recent videos that you have posted. Those videos may have been red-flagged by Tiktok’s mysterious algorithm and that gave you the ban. You can try removing the recent videos and then wait for few days before posting new content. I have found on the internet that few people have tried this to lift their ban and got succeeded.

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How to avoid the Shadow Ban on Tiktok

It’s always better to avoid the ban instead of having the trouble of removing it which is not easy. Keep these things in mind whenever you post a new video on Tiktok to avoid the Shadow Ban.

  1. Nudity – It’s very important and Tiktok is intolerant about this! Make sure that you don’t post any videos that contain nudity especially if you’re under the age of 18. There are complaints on various online forums from all around the world that Tiktok is spoiling the lives of teens and it should be permanently banned.
  2. Copyrighted content – Never download and post others’ videos on Tiktok. If you do that, it will come under copyright issue and might be taken down by Tiktok instantly. The case is not different if you upload videos from Youtube, Vimeo or any other sources. You should give mention credits for the original author of the audio in the description of the video.
  3. Illegal content – Never post videos that contain knives, guns, drugs and other illegal materials. The result may be a Shadow Ban or a permanent ban depends on the seriousness of the content.

Though not sure, Tiktok’s algorithm is clever enough to detect videos that don’t contain faces, body movements and human voices. If your video doesn’t have any of these, that will give a red flag to that video. This is because Tiktok is meant to post such selfie videos that should contain the face of the user and a natural audio. A normal video will contain body movements also. Therefore, it’s the method of its algorithm to find “unusual” videos that should be removed.

These are the information that are available about Tiktok Shadow Ban at this time. We will update this article whenever more reasons and solutions are available. Please post your views and questions in the comments below.

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  1. I am so confused. I started off alright on Tik Tok this week and all of a sudden my last 5 videos won’t get more than 5-10 views. Does this mean I have been shadowbanned?

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